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Sudha Maheshwari
Founder and CEO - For My Shaadi 

Favourite Pastime: Shopping and Dining

Favourite Hashtag: #WeddingGiftRegistry

Sudha Maheshwari (Founder & CEO) is an economist with an MBA in Marketing from the UK and has had a distinguished career with top-notch companies like Citibank, Deloitte and Philip Morris. However, don’t be fooled by her degrees. This Delhi based power-player has a seriously insatiable appetite for shopping. When it comes down to it, this imaginative, business-savvy lady understands the importance of a great gift. For her the perfect present is tailor-made and reflects the lifestyle and personality of the reciever. She loves a good treasure hunt and tends to take it as a personal failiure if she cannot come up with the perfect gift for any special occasion.

While the concept of wedding gift registry exists internationally, there are no portals primarily dedicated to wedding gifts and experiences in India. Thus, it was no surprise when a woman who spent her free time helping friends and family find perfect gifts, left a high paying job to pursue her dreams and founded ForMyShaadi.com. FMS was born with the goal of of creating an online market place full of exclusive brands and unique experiences so that engaged couples can truly get the gifts they want and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

With this one-of-kind gift wishlist site, the Mumbai-born pro hopes to change the landscape of wedding gifting. Equipped with oodles of passion, an affinity for amazing products and years of gifting intel, she is already reaping the rewards of her unique concept, with a host of influential brands on board.


Talent goes beyond qualifications on a resume at FMS. The bunch here lives and breathes creativity. The team consists of enthusiastic gift givers – who have always wondered why wedding gift registries weren’t already a norm in India and have pledged the next few years of their lives to ensure that it becomes one!


A lot of brands talk about their fab office, fun events and great incentives. But leadership at FMS views culture differently. For them it is about uniting individuals who enjoy each other’s company and respect each others’ ability. It is about rallying together people who love a healthy intellectual debate as much as mindless Bollywood gossip! As an FMS employee, every team member has a place at the table.

Person 1
Chairman 1

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Chairman 2

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Chairman 3

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Chairman 4

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