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Bazaar Bride - Upon Her Wish
Formyshaadi.com occupies a spot as the unique distinctive ideas a bride should look forward to. READ MORE
Bangalore Mirror
ForMyShaadi's Sudha Maheshwari featured at Bangalore mirror explaining her big idea of solving gifting woes in the Indian Market. READ MORE
Hindustan Times
ForMyShaadi.com featured in Hindustn Times Kolkata edition being the first gift registry portal solving the problem of piled up redundant wedding gifts. READ MORE
Gift Registry Portals in India
ForMyShaadi.com bringing the disruptive innovation in Indian market as one of the first wedding registry portal. READ MORE
Redefining the art of giving
Picking a wedding gift is such a hassle. We have all fretted over what wedding gift to buy for our best friend's wedding. You wanted it to be unique, only to find others bought them exact the exact same thing. READ MORE
The New Indian Express
From Arttdinox to Niraamaya Retreats, this registry helps you gift smartly. READ MORE
Power of an Idea
Now i know starting your own company is such an education and it throws up so many learnings. READ MORE
Wedding Planning Trend Forecast
Weddings in India are big rituals celebrated with great care and affection and gifts hold a great weightage. READ MORE
Wedding Vows
ForMyShaadi.com offers chip-in feature which allows guests to a registry to chip-in towards high value items which the couple have wishlisted. READ MORE
Tech: Must-have wedding apps
If you are buying a gift for a newly wed couple, wouldn’t you prefer something useful for them? The online gift registry allows soon-to-be-wedded couples to share their wishlist of wedding gifts with their loved ones. Smart and practical in these times, we think. READ MORE

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