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Tips for the Bride and Groom
1. What is For My Shaadi?

Although new to India, the concept of a wedding gift registry is extremely popular internationally. A gift registry makes it easy for couples planning their wedding to wishlist a range of products and experiences that they would like their family and friends to buy them as wedding gifts. For My Shaadi (FMS) understands how simplifying this aspect of weddings can help young couples kick start their new lives together. We are a one-stop-shop for all kinds of couples – those setting up home can focus on products like vouchers to reputed furniture stores and electronic items while those moving into a joint-family set-up can wishlist curated dining experiences, holidays, spa vouchers and even gym memberships!

2. How does For My Shaadi work?

Easily and intuitively! We work hard to give you an exhaustive inventory of gifts to start your new lives together by bringing top brands and unique experiences under one roof. A couple who is going to get married can come register on www.formyshaadi.com, select products or experiences they would like to receive as gifts from their family or friends, and subsequently share their wishlist with guests. We make it easy to navigate by giving you a wide range of categories to choose from: For Him, For Her, For Our Home and For Our First Year.

Thanks to our chip-in feature, your guests will at no point feel pressurized into buying anything that’s not in their budget - When you select a gift that’s valued over INR. 10,000 you are given the option of putting it in a solo or chip-in category. So when your guest eventually accesses the registry they can choose to chip in for something high-end or go solo with that perfectly picked personal gift for you! They can then proceed to leave their comments and best wishes for you. What’s more, you can go on your honeymoon and come back to all the wonderful gifts arriving on a date pre-decided by you. You can then proceed to return to your personalized page to send out thank you notes to your friends and complete your registry!

For a more detailed insight into the workings of FMS, check out the How It Works video (Preview)

3. Will it cost me anything to register?

As an inaugural offer, we are presenting the services of For My Shaadi completely free of cost to you and your part partner. Hurray!

4. How will my guests know about my registry page?

Once you have provided your guest list to us via your gmail address list or by uploading your guest list excel sheet, you can click on the Invite Friends button. Your guests will thereafter get an invite from For My Shaadi with a link to your personalized gift registry page.

5. What will my registry page look like?

When you first land on your registry page, you will be asked to add a couple’s picture and select a background image. You also have the option to include a greeting for guests who will come to this page. You can then start adding gifts to your wishlist and inviting your friends. The idea is to keep it simple, personal, and effective so that it’s easy for you to navigate without stressing over functionality. We’ve got you covered! For more ideas, check out our Sample Registries in the How It Works section.

6. How much in advance of the wedding should we prepare our wishlist and send it to family and friends?

We recommend that you ideally prepare your wishlist two to four weeks before the wedding. However, you can start working on your wishlist as early as you like. You can invite guests to view your wishlist a maximum of six weeks before the wedding. We don’t recommend inviting guests earlier than six weeks as they may think it’s too early and may put it off to later and may never get around to doing it.

7. How long will the registry page stay open for?

We recommend you open your registry with us no sooner than six weeks before your wedding and no later than two weeks before your wedding. It just makes it a lot more convenient for you to select and freeze on what you like if you are registered well in advance instead of rushing through it at the last minute. Post your wedding date, the registry will close for purchases by guests but will stay open for you for a period of six weeks. During this time, you can track your gifts, send thank you notes, and even complete your wishlist by buying gifts that were not bought by your guests.

8. Can my fiancé/fiancée and I both work on our wishlist separately?

Of course! After one of you register, you can invite your partner to create an account with For My Shaadi as well. Both of you will be given unique usernames and passwords that will allow you access to the same personalized page. While it’s great to make it a couple’s activity, we’ve streamlined the entire process in a manner where you both don’t always have to be together while browsing products or inviting friends.

9. Once I have shared the registry with my guest list, can I revisit and make changes to it?

You can edit all sections of the registry page and wishlist right up to the wedding date. This means you can keep adding friends and gifts to the list. You can also delete items that haven’t been bought or chipped-in for. However, you cannot un-invite someone who you have already invited!

10. How many friends can I invite to view my wishlist?

We are not in the business of restricting, so as many as you like! You can invite your entire wedding guest list by uploading your guest excel sheet or you select from your gmail address book or a combination of both

11. If I have forgotten to add friends in the first round, how can I add more later?

Don’t worry, you can still add friends through Facebook, email contact lists, or excel uploads right up to the wedding date!

12. How many gifts should I wishlist?

Wishlist for more gifts than you think your guests will buy. You don’t want to run out of items that guests want to give! At the same time, don’t go overboard on the items in your wishlist as this may lead to lots of gifts not being bought. We recommend that you first think of roughly how many people you would be inviting to view your wishlist and choose the number of gifts accordingly.

13. How many high-value chip-in items should I wishlist?

Tempting territory! While we know it’s natural for every couple to want to wishlist many high value items and put it under the chip-in category, we suggest that you restrict the number of such items. We’ve learnt that most guests at a wedding prefer to give something independently. Groups of friends from the same circle, however, are always more enthusiastic to chip-in and get you something collectively. For example, we suggest that between the two of you, if you are inviting three groups: his work group, your office friends, and your friends from university, you restrict the number to three or four high-value chip in items.

14. Can I edit my gift wishlist?

Absolutely! You can do that till the very end. However, any gifts under the chip-in category, once chipped-in for cannot be deleted.

15. Can I change the date of delivery of the wedding gifts? By when can I change it?

Yes. You can change the delivery date for wedding gifts right up to your wedding date.

16. What if my guests don’t purchase all of the listed gifts?

To begin with: don’t get worked up. Your wedding gift wishlist is open exclusively to you for purchases up to six weeks after the wedding! During this time you can buy the items that didn’t get purchased or complete the contribution towards any pending chip-in gifts.

17. If family and friends live outside of India, would that be a problem?

As a matter of fact, it’s perfect for them - they don’t have to worry about finding an appropriate gift for you; and neither do they have to lug a gift all the way here. In fact, you may even have some friends who can’t make it to your wedding but really want to gift you something! For My Shaadi makes it possible for your loved ones to make you feel special even if they aren’t able to make it for your big day. Perfect, isn’t it?

18. What is the return policy on damaged gifts?

The return policy for each product depends on the terms and conditions laid down by each vendor and will therefore vary on a case-to-case basis.

19. Is this site safe? Can my guests purchase securely?

Yes. The site is 100% secure and you can assure your friends and family of the site’s safety. We have tied up with the best-in-class payment gateway and the security of the portal has been verified by SSL.

20. What if my guests are not computer savvy? Is there a number they can call on for assistance?

Yes. Our contact details are provided in the Contact us section and we will be more than happy to handhold any of your guests through the entire process. After all, you’ve made a smart choice by registering on For My Shaadi, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction throughout your engagement with us. Nothing less than the best for you!

Tips for Wedding Guests
1. How do I find a wedding registry?

A particular wedding gift registry can be viewed by clicking on the link shared in the e-invite that you will receive from For My Shaadi or by searching for the couple’s names in the Find a Registry section on the landing page of the website.

2. How do I know when the couple has received my gift?

The couple may opt for a feature to receive notifications every time a gift is purchased. In this case, they will know about your purchase instantly. Moreover, after the wedding, all gifts will be delivered to the couple together on a date chosen by them and each gift will bear a personalized For My Shaadi tag with the name of the person who bought them the gift. The couple can also track their gifts on their registry page at any time before and up to six weeks after the wedding.

3. How do I know multiple people haven’t bought the same item?

Each item can only be purchased once and will be greyed out from the couple’s wishlist as soon as it is bought.

4. Can other people see what I have gifted the couple?

No, this is only visible to the couple..

5. Can I see what other people have bought the couple?

You can see what has been bought and what hasn’t. However, as a guest you can’t see who has bought what

6. Can I see who all have been invited by the couple to their gift registry?

No, the couple’s invitee list is exclusively visible to them.

7. Can the purchased gift be delivered directly to me so that I can hand it over to the couple on stage?

There are several reasons why a wedding gift registry is a great idea. A couple not having to manage gifts at their wedding is one of them. We will be delivering all the gifts together to the couple on a date requested by them.

8. Can I leave a personalized message for the couple?

Yes, of course! When you buy a gift for the couple there will be a space provided on the page for you to leave your comments and wishes. These will reflect on the couple’s viewing page allowing them to see your personal message easily!

9. Can I buy a gift in a limited budget?

Sure! We have a range of products and experiences at various price points to suit all budgets.

10. Can I buy an expensive gift on the portal?

Definitely! We have a range of products and experiences at various price points to suit all budgets.

11. Can I chip-in with a group of friends for a gift?

You certainly can! In fact, it is one of the key advantages of our website. If the couple has selected an item under a chip-in category, you will see a status bar under the particular item. You and your friends can easily chip-in together towards completing the purchase.

12. Can the amount I am spending on a gift be anonymous?

Sorry - It can’t be kept anonymous as the couple has selected gifts in their wishlist, so they would already know the price of each of their wishlisted items.

13. How do I pay for my purchase?

We accept all payments made using Indian and international cards - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express credit/debit cards etc. However, there is no Cash on Delivery option for now.

14. Will I receive confirmation of my purchase?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation by email from us as well as the credit card company as soon as a transaction is successful.

15. I am from outside of India, can I use For My Shaadi?

Yes. Anyone, anywhere can use FMS to buy gifts as long as the delivery address is within India.

16. How can I recommend FMS to friends who are planning their wedding?

Here are a few ways you can recommend us: Like us on Facebook, Tag us on Instagram, Follow us on Twitter and of course … Spread the Word!

Tips for non-registry gift shoppers
1. Why should I choose For My Shaadi?

The perfect gift for a bride and groom is pretty hard to come by. For My Shaadi brings you unique, exclusive, and thoughtful gifts for couples getting married. Our sought-after products and experiences make incredible gifts to give at weddings. Once you have selected and purchased the gift of your choice, the gift will bet delivered to you in the comfort of your own home to take to the wedding!

2. Can I buy gifts without being invited by a wedding registry?

Absolutely! With our wide range of products and experiences we pride ourselves in being the go-to wedding gifting website. We would be happy for you to come to our portal and buy a gift to be delivered to you for a couple that may not have registered with us.

So just come browse, select, click, pay and get the item delivered to your address to take to the next wedding. Easy, isn’t it?

3. How do I pay for my purchase?

We accept all payments made using Indian and International credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards etc. However, there is no Cash on Delivery option for now.

4. Will the gifts be wrapped when delivered to me?

We intentionally refrain from doing that so that you can have a look at the item before you take it with you.

5. What will the delivery timelines be like?

Standard delivery timelines, that is, 3-5 working days

6. What is the return policy?

The return policy for each product depends on the terms and conditions laid down by each vendor and will therefore vary on a case-to-case basis.