Courtship is the most beautiful phase for any relationship- there’s love is abundance and a general glow of happiness on the couple’s faces; which makes it the ideal time for a gorgeous photo shoot to celebrate your love and your union!  Presenting the hottest growing trend in India- A pre wedding photo-shoot.
Here’s why we think you should be booking your shoot, today!

1) It’s a great way to know your wedding photographer’s style and gauge his/her caliber before the big day!
A pre wedding photo shoot is generally done two to three months prior to the wedding and we highly recommend that you book the same photographer that you would for your candid wedding photography. That way your photographer knows your best angles and you can get candid with your photographer and tell him exactly what you have in mind for your wedding.
2) Create some surreal memories with your partner!
You get to dress up, be the center of attention and affection! Plus, it’s a great stress buster amidst the wedding planning and a golden opportunity to spend some quality time with your beloved, by doing something you love, together.
3) Get cheesy without getting conscious!
Most men have a zero tolerance policy towards PDA, oh well, they’ll have to come out of their shells for this photo shoot and openly declare their love for all to see!

4) Get creative with your theme!
Too traditional to have a theme wedding?
Your next best option is to incorporate your favorite theme in your pre-wedding photo shoot! It could be centered on a wild fantasy, your favorite holiday destination, or even a movie!
Your theme can be anything that excites you, so go ahead and be creative.
5) Call in your girls and his guys for day two of the shoot!
If possible, give day one only to yourselves and call in the party brigade on day two. However, if that’s not possible, call in your gangs a few hours layer to be a part of your photo shoot and create a few memorable moments with them too.
6) You can use the photos of the shoot to create a gorgeous e-invite for your wedding and a stunning ‘save the date’ picture too!

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