The company based out of New Jersey, Pantone, is best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS); a proprietary color space used to make colors and differentiate between the various colors in the spectrum.

Every year, Pantone comes out with a Pantone “color of the year”, which becomes the color- the designers base their upcoming collections on, the wedding decorators base their sets on and the cosmetic companies base their new products on!

This year that color is a beautifully fresh mélange of green and yellow, called Greenery. And if you’re all set to marry in 2017; this is the color you should model your wedding décor, outfits and even trousseau on!

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate greenery in your wedding and trousseau and in the bargain, prep yourself up for 2017 in total style:

Your Wedding Outfit:
Yes we know, green generally is the color, one would wear for their mehendi or sangeet function! But if you don’t want to be too predictable you could wear a green color wedding outfit or incorporate it in your wedding attire, by wearing a green dupatta or blouse to go with a bright red, orange or a yellow lengha!

In Your Wedding Décor: Instead of going the usual route and using marigold flower (genda phool) for your decorations you could use white roses (white goes beautifully with greenery) and fresh leaves! Your center piece could involve green candles and/or fresh green apples in a jar.

In Your Wedding Invite: You could team green up with a bride red or a purple, to make the coolest wedding cards in town! If you’re not overly fond of making the box wholly green, you could just add a leaf that’s green in color or get a small green motif printed on the card.

In Your Jewelry: Emeralds anyone? Emeralds and diamonds are a classic combination and if you get to choose one diamond set, make sure its with emeralds! Green is a very versatile color and the emerald is a literally “ever-green” stone 😉 It’ll go perfectly with your westerns and Indian attires. Alternatively, you could also get an emerald cocktail ring!

In Your Wedding Favors: Green dupattas with matching bangles make adorable giveaways; plus green suits almost all complexions, which makes it a safe bet!


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