Natural beauty shines the brightest! For many a year, women have been misguided and mislead into using cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals in it which though initially give them a radiant glow, in the long run they have severe and detrimental affects on one’s skin. Luckily we live in the time of medical advancements and have the teachings o Ayurveda to learn from; owing to which there are, now, many herbal cosmetic brands that use all organic ingredients in their products. But there are a few front runners in that rat race too; read on to know more:

Khadi Naturals:

Running operations in India for over five decades and exporting their natural-hand made products to over 25 countries worldwide; is India’s Khadi Gramudyog. A trustworthy name in the cosmetic arena; Khadi offers a mammoth range of products including encompassing skin, hair and body care. They even offer Aroma therapy products!
Here’s what we recommend:

  • Rose and honey loofa soap (apart from providing fragrant skin care, it’s also great for exfoliation).
  • Apricot and walnut scrub with rose


Founded in 1992; the brand is a brain child of a young Indian lady, Vinita Jain who through her diligence managed to combine ancient Sanskrit traditions and Ayurveda with the modernistic bio technologies of the west, to provide healthy and all natural skin care products to Indian women.
Here’s what we recommend-

  • Almond Oil makeup remover (unlike other water based makeup removers; this one manages to even take of the kajal without causing any burning sensation).
  • Bio Green Apple Shampoo

Vaadi Herbals:

Though a young veteran in the field of herbal cosmetics in India; Vaadi has already proved its mettle since the few short years of its conception; now supplying to over 15 countries worldwide; it is creating a niche market for itself in India as well and slowly asserting its dominance in the field.
Here’s what we recommend-

  • Amla Cool Oil (This oil has multiple uses for the hair and body. Whilst it strengthens the hair roots, thus preventing hair-fall; it also works wonders to release muscular pains).
  • Skin Polishing Diamond Massage Gel (This face gel acts like a polishing and nourishing agent, leaving your skin fresh and radiant).

Just Herbs:

Entrepreneur Dr. Neena Chopra, founded Just Herbs in 2010; after a decade worth’s research in Ayurveda. The brand was introduced to cater to the young Indian women who felt the need to combat the aging process early on in life, with the help of organic and natural products.
Here’s what we recommend-

  • 6-Step Regimes (There are two sets of these regimes that Just Herb offers, each curated for a specific skin type. Known to work wonders; this one kit takes care of your entire beauty regime requirement).
  • Javakusum Hair OilMarigold Naturals:

    Currently a newbie in the field of herbal cosmetics; Marigold Naturals shows massive potentials with is exquisite and all natural product range that uses only organic ingredients and does not contain any preservatives.
    Here’s what we recommend-

    • Bittersweet Sugar Scrub
    • Apricot Oil (Application of cold pressed Apricot oil, is an excellent way to nourish your skin)

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