In India when you send out your wedding card it is customary to send out a small favor or sweets with it. Whilst we advocate being thrifty and saving a penny, by getting simple wedding cards; in certain situations, (mostly by the decree of the elders) giving out elaborate cards is inevitable.
Under such circumstances; we recommend walking the path less travelled and handing out unique favors instead of the same old dry fruit confections that were given at our parent’s wedding as well!

Here are our top choices:

  1. Photo-frames:

    Encase your printed invite in a gorgeous frame, so that once your festivities are over; your guests can frame their own photograph in the frame and find use for it as a decorative element.

  2. Hand bags/potlis:

    Place your invites in an ‘envelope bag’ or a potli bag! That way the ladies can use them as an accessory as well. You could try getting the bags in the colors of your wedding theme or mix the colors up so that all guests don’t get the identical bag.

  3. Lapel pins and bracelets:

    Instead of getting elaborate printing done on your card, you could clip a lapel pin or a broach, as an embellishment on them. You could also roll your invite and tie them up with a smart bracelet, for the women to wear, later on.

  4. A set of half a dozen dessert forks and spoons/ or a pair of cake spatulas:

    This may sound silly, but trust us, every house wife loves receiving good looking cutlery! You could put in a cute note along with the cutlery, saying “Get ready to celebrate and eat cake”; to tie the idea with your celebrations.

  5. A pair of champagne flutes:

    Champagnes and celebrations go hand in hand, so giving them as an invitation gift, makes perfect sense! You could go a step ahead and pair the glasses with a bottle of your favorite sparkle.

  6. A pen drive with preinstall movies and your wedding invite:

    Come on… Who doesn’t love a compilation of all time favorite rom-coms?
    This one will be loved by the women and the men receiving it!

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