Wedding day; for each girl, it marks the happiest day of her life. One that comes after months of endless planning and organizing, all of which is essentially (let’s face it) planned around one question; “Will our guests like it?”. The answer to this one question; often makes our decisions for us and ergo plays a pivotal role in wedding planning.
Contrary to popular belief, the guests don’t actually sit with a notepad in hand, scrutinizing and judging every little detail of the wedding! Most of them are there because they matter to us, as we do to them and they’re therefore there to celebrate our joy with us.

That being said, there are a few aspects in a wedding ceremony that garner more attention than the others. And if the aforementioned question indeed plays an important role in decision making, then it is essential that we can recognize those aspects and segregate them from the ones that don’t really matter to our guests, so that we can allocate our resources like, time and money in in accordance to them.

So here’s what guests don’t really care about, when they attend a wedding:

  1. The Invitation Box
    People spend anything from 500 INR to 3000INR on an average on each wedding invite, when the brutal truth is that their guests really don’t care what the invitation looks like. They care about the way they are invited (personal gestures like phone calls and house visits are always appreciated) and are only interested in the delicacies (if at all) in the box.
    Our suggestion is that you try sending out an e invite instead and use the money saved to get business class tickets for your honeymoon!
  2. Groom’s Attire
    Sorry boys! But on your wedding day, you’re simply an accessory to your beautiful bride. First of all, your male guests, really don’t care what either of you are wearing in terms of clothes and jewelry, but the women will be interested in what the bride adorns, plus it is always the bride whose more interested in getting the look on point. In our experience, the men simply nod in agreement to whatever has been selected for them; so why waste too much time or one on their attire. Rather save on the outfit and get yourself a gorgeous watch instead, what say boys?
  3. Traditions and Customs
    We love to believe that our friends and relatives will want to sit through our pheras, and get into a tizzy trying to think of ways to keep them entertained for that duration. The honest truth is that, only the close friends and family stays back or are present for the pheras. Don’t stress about making a million arrangements for that duration!
  4. Leaving Messages for the Couple
    While we may believe that it is an amazing way to etch our guest’s messages into our memories; the truth is that most guests tend to overlook the little counter created for them to drop in their wishes in and we end up spending thousands for nothing! Instead, you could create a wedding hashtag (for free) and request your guests to use it whilst posting their pictures of the wedding, on social media.
  5. Heavy Duty Décor
    Now we aren’t saying that you don’t spend a single penny on décor, but we are asking you to budget the décor and simplify it. We promise your guests won’t remember if you used white marigold flowers instead of lilies; but you’d end up saving big bucks!

    It’s your big day, YOU are the one who should enjoy it the most! Stop stressing about others; if they love you, they’ll dance the night out no matter how shaky the dance floor is.

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