Cake:- the one element without which, every celebration is incomplete.
Cakeastrophe:- the one company that makes cakes that are as stunning to look at, as they are delicious to eat.

Your wedding day needs to be as perfectly beautiful as you are. To make sure that happens; each element must be impeccable and that is what Cakeastrophe accomplishes with each one of their flawless deliciousness.

But since seeing is believing here’s a look at some of their work-

We’re sure the perfectionist in you, will still try to question what you see. In order to aid your decision, here are a few reasons that make Cakeastrophe the ideal cake designers to make your gorgeously scrumptious cake a showstopper of the event , be it for weddings, receptions, bachelor parties or birthdays:

1) They are the only ones that can turn your cake visions into tasty reality.
Be it an upside down- chandelier cake or a towering gravity defying one; they do it.
 2) They specialize in showcasing your love-story.
Tier by tier, Cakeastrophe molds your journey of love onto your cake. So be it a graduation love story or a proposal in Paris; they etch it all.

3) They have the best ideas!
They recently made a cake for a Hindu wedding, with each of the seven tiers , describing what the “saat vachan (Saptpadi Cake )” in a Hindu marriage were. Each tier was also embellished with elements that are synonymous with a Hindu wedding, like choodas, mehendi, doli, etc.

4) They do excellent tributes to a ‘man’s best friend’.
For those who love their pets more than anything else in the world, Cakeastrophe always manages to make fondant replicas of your little friend.

5) They do simplicity with style too.
There is no doubt that there cakes are beautiful , but you can bet on their good taste too. Whether its classic chocolate ganache or elegant red velvet, they do it all with style.

As if you need more convincing, Cakeastrophe also does naughty cakes for brilliant little cupcakes that steal the show at most functions on account of being the perfect little giveaways. In fact; Cakeastrophe also designs naughty cakes for bachelor parties which are funny and come with an adult only rating.

So what are you waiting for? Order your dream cake today!!!

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